Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Read authoritative books written about the March to Dandi and the Salt Satyagraha. The books are in English and Indian vernacular languages.

On the Salt March-Thomas WeberThe Historiography of Gandhi's March to Dandi
"For those of us who have awaited Weber’s Study for 15 years and also followed his excellent articles on the march in Gandhi Marg, this book is certainly worth the wait. The way that he weaves his own experience so deftly into the central narrative gives the event remarkable immediately.
He has combined scholarly persistence with hard manual labor( in the best Gandhian tradition) andwe must remain
deeply indebted to him for the enormous efforts that he gave to this enterprise.
Weber has made a lasting contribution to our understanding (of messages of satyagraha) not only through study and reconstruction of this historical moment, but reliving it himself and then sharing with us the singular fruits of his labors."
Dennis DaltonBarnard College, Columbia University